Springdale Barrington Pool Table Review

Springdale Barrington Pool Table
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The Springdale Barrington pool table is our #1 pick for style.This pool table has a very cool old school design that we really like.

When looking for a pool table you need to take in account, budget, style, and space. 

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First you need to decide how much space you have available. Measure the room you want to put the pool table in. Make sure you account for the space you will need to shoot from the rail.

You also want to account for where to store extra cues and accessories.


Next you need to figure your budget. Do you have the budget for a big pro pool table. Maybe you have the budget for a big table just not the fanciest one.

Whatever your budget the right pool table is out there you just have to find it.

The Springdale Barrington pool table


When you got the space and budget figured out. Then you need to look at style. This pool table is very stylish. It is also reasonably priced and good quality.

If you have a traditional style game room this table will make an excellent addition.

Keep Inside

The Springdale Barrington pool table is a very good quality pool table.

This pool table is not meant for outdoors you need to put this pool table out of the weather. The rain and high humidity can cause table and rails to warp, ruining the pool table.

But with a bit of care and some TLC this pool table should bring you good times and entertainment for years to come.

No Slate Option 

This pool table while being good quality does not have a slate option. Even though it doesn’t have a slate option it is still a high quality table.

It has a very nice design and that cool old school look with the claw foot legs. It’s easy to see why this pool table was picked for the style it goes with about any game room. 


This pool table (like the others) will have to be assembled. The pool table comes with decent instructions but you may need some help as it is heavy.

Springdale Barrington Pool Table side and top view

If you have some mechanical ability it should be fairly easy. However if you are not comfortable using tools you may want to pay to have it assembled. 

Springdale Barrington Pool Table Specs

dimensions: 92.25 x 53.25 x 6.75 inch (LWH)

weight: 281.6 lbs

What We Like

  • Obviously we like the style,
  • good size,
  • easy assembly,
  • sturdy pool table
  • good quality.

What We don’t like

  • No slate option,
  • the cue sticks that come with this table are not very good (may want to consider getting different ones).

In Conclusion

We think the Springdale Barrington pool table would be a good addition to any game room.

It is good quality. Not really difficult to assemble. Has a very cool style. So if you have the room and the budget this pool table could be just what you’re looking for.  

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