Spartan 6-Ft Hathaway Pool Table Review

 Spartan 6-ft Hathaway pool table
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The Spartan 6-ft Hathaway pool table is our #1 pick for kids. If you have kids and would like to keep them entertained not with tv or phone this could be for you. 

Spartan 6-ft Hathaway pool table

If you have a small space in your place and want a pool table this could be for you also. This pool table is a good quality and sturdy pool table. It is also a very reasonable price. 

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This pool table has a very cool style. Red felt and black frame can go well in any room.This pool table is small but it is regular hight.

If you have a toy/play room for your kids this pool table should fit and still have room for other toys. 

2 Options

Spartan 6-ft Hathaway pool table with table tennis top on

With the Spartan 6-ft Hathaway pool table you have 2 options for game play 1 is pool table you can shoot pool. 2 is table tennis table. You can play table tennis.

Having 2 game options is what makes this pool table great for kids. If you have kids then you know after very short periods of time doing something they are bored and want to do something else.

With this pool table they can stay occupied playing pool and then switch to table tennis and stay busy for hours.

Quality & Price

This pool table is good quality. Having kids you know that if you want to get them something like a pool table it better be good quality if it’s going to last any amount of time.

Also needs to be affordable; you don’t want to go broke trying to get a pool table that they may eventually break anyway.

The Spartan 6-ft Hathaway pool table is of very good quality and very affordable


screw in feet for leveling

This pool table (like the others) has to be assembled. Assembly is fairly easy. Leveling is no problem either.

If you can use basic hand tools and a level you can have this pool table up and running in no time. If you’re not comfortable with this you can always hire someone to do the job for you. 

Keep Indoors

This is an indoor pool table. Storing it outside can damage it. Even with cover rain and high humidity can cause the pool table to warp.

We recommend keeping it indoors. With some care and TLC this pool table should give you years of fun and entertainment.

What We Like

  • the style, red felt with black frame is a cool look,
  • the small size fits easily in any room,
  • the table tennis top keep kids occupied with more than 1 game.

What We Don’t Like

  • The balls that come with it are smaller than normal (we recommend different ones).
  • The pool cues that come with it are not very good (we recommend different ones).

In Conclusion 

We think the Spartan 6-ft Hathaway pool table is good quality. It should be kept indoors.

It’s easy to assemble. Easy to level. Has a cool look. Will keep your kids occupied for hours.

If you’re looking to get a pool table for a good price that is good quality, then this may be the pool table for you.

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