Pool Tips To Improve Your Game

pool tips to improve your game

If you are passionate about this sport and want to start improving, then you have come to the right article. Read on and we will teach you the best pool tips, so you can improve your game.

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Many people have a lot of potential but do not know the correct techniques of the game, but that will change with our tips.

a good stance

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Body posture

Believe it or not, one of the main pool tips to improve our game is to acquire a good posture for the game.

On many occasions this is the main mistake that players make. A bad posture or simply the wrong placement of the hands to hold the cue can cause us to miss our shot and leave our opponent an advantage.

The first thing you must do to play is to place your right foot (if you are right-handed) or your left foot (if you are left-handed) towards the cue ball, and place the other leg in front to find the balance.

bad stance

After that, you must pay attention to the position of your hands.

You must hold the back of the cue with your hand (facing the palm upwards). Then make a circle with your non-dominant hand (to hold the cue and will help us to aim).

Control your strength

Once we have a good position, it’s time to hit the cue, and for this, we must control our strength.

Another of the main mistakes that are made is to hit too hard. Believe it or not, hitting hard will give you more chances to miss the shot.

So another of our pool tips to play is to hit the ball softly. This way you can have better control of your shot and you can pocket the balls more easily.

imaginary ball

Pay attention to your aim

Many people believe that they are born with an aim or not. But this is not so, everything can be practiced to improve.

Another of our pool tips we can offer you to improve your aim and begin to master it. Imagine a ball that is next to the one you want to hit.

With the cue you must draw the trajectory through which the cue ball must pass to hit that imaginary ball, once the cue is placed, make the shot.

If you have done the approach well, you will have an accurate shot.

Another tip to improve your technique is to draw with the cue where you want the cue ball to go. Then you can visualize the exact spot where you should hit the ball so that it goes where you want it to go.

Follow the movement

Another tip for playing pool that we can offer is to follow the ball in the stroke.

What does this mean? Simple, we mean that you do not give a sharp blow with the cue. But allow the cue to slide a little more to give the blow.

avoid trick shots

This will make the movement more controlled and increase the chances that the cue ball will go exactly where we want it to go.

Avoid caroms

Some players believe that to be a professional pool player we must add “frills” to our shots. Such as, jumps, effects, etc.

But we must tell you that nothing is further from reality. A professional pool player will try to make the cue ball move as little as possible. Playing as smoothly as possible as we mentioned in previous points.

Above all, patience

“Patience is the companion of wisdom” and pool as well.

Plan your shots without haste. Properly assessing the state of the table. Indeed, it is highly recommended that you choose to walk around the table calculating all the shots you can make.

That way you can check which will be the most effective.

Once you know what is the best shot for you. Another pool tip to play that we offer is that you are determined. Once you have cleared the shot go for it.

Prepare a good position to execute it, and be sure to follow all the above tips. And above all keep a cool mind. In case of failure analyze why that happened and stay optimistic in your next shot.

check all angles

Sweep the table

Finally, another pool tip that we offer is to sweep the table. Do not worry, you do not need to take a broom.

By sweeping the table we mean that you plan ahead choosing shots from left to right. Taking into account the position of the balls at that moment.

That is, it can be from left to right or from right to left depending on the above mentioned.

The checklist for the perfect shot

When approaching the table. Calculate the required “ball pocket” and align the cue under your chin. This will allow you to get into the correct position to make the shot.

The most important thing is not how you position yourself for the shot. But your body balance.

The body posture should be stable and solid enough to allow for a little push on the shoulder without losing balance.

The stance should also be comfortable. Work on your posture until you finally find the one that makes you feel comfortable and well balanced.

Do not try to correct your stance (or stroke) while you are measuring.

Three or four swings during the swing are enough. Too many swings will cause you to lose your rhythm and create unnecessary pressure.

The swing should be rhythmic. Back and forth; do not rush it or stop it, and continue to move the cue forward after contact.

The open bridge (without ring) is much better than you think. Use it in your easy plays (soft and without spin). This type of bridge not only allows for better vision, but will help you relax.

On the last swing. If you think you will make the move well, go ahead and pull the trigger. If not, stop, stand up and settle back down.

Stand still after the shot. Avoid unnecessary body movements. Trying to control the trajectory of the balls by moving your body is not only a sign of lack of confidence.

But also prevents you from tracking the cue straight.

After shooting keep your head down and stay in your position for a few seconds. This will allow you to have an “elongated attack” and maintain a good pace of play.

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