Pool Table Room Size

pool table room size

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Pool Table Room Size

A pool table can be a great addition to a home.

Having your pool table opens up the opportunity for you and your friends to play whenever you want to, without going downtown to the pool hall.

The convenience of having a pool table at home can change how you enjoy leisure time.

However, before acquiring a pool table, you should carefully examine what the pool table room size should be. A room 14’10” by 19’0″ is required for a full-size nine-foot pool table.

Continue reading to find out more about pool table room size,

  • how far a pool table should sit from the wall,
  • the size of cues,
  • together with typical pool table dimensions.

How much Space Do You Require For a Pool Table?

Pool table in a large room

Pool tables come in various sizes, and it should be possible to find a table that is appropriate for the space you have in your home.

Remember, you will need a sizeable distance between the table and the wall, and you should also take into account the size of the pool cues you plan to use.

You should map out exactly where you intend to place the pool table to ensure sufficient space on all sides.

Common Sizes of Pool Tables

  • British 6’0″ Pool Table. Typically found in homes, clubs, and pubs in the UK British 7’0″ Pool Table Common in British tournaments and leagues
  • American 7’0″ Pool Table. Bigger than the British 7’0″ Pool Table but the smallest American size
  • American 8’0″ Pool Table. The mid-sized American pool table is also common in the UK
  • American 9’0″ Pool Table or Standard Pool Table. The American full-sized pool table is referred to as a standard size.

Pool Table – Distance From the Wall

pool table distance from wall

The distance between the pool table and the wall is critical. Players will be mobile around the table and change positions.

When a player takes a shot, he will need to extend the pool backward, and a wall can obstruct this.

To work out the required distance from the wall, check how much space is required if the player has to extend the cue right back from a position against the rail.

Most shots are typically taken when the ball is away from the rail, and the resulting space requirement will not be too great. However, you must leave a minimum of 4’6″ on all sides of your pool table.

Should this be a problem, shorter (52″) cues may make things easier.

Basements often make excellent pool rooms, even if there is a slight obstruction like a pole. The chances of that narrow pole being in the way are minimal and can be overlooked.

Space For Cueing

space between pool table and wall

If you’ve ever felt the need for a shorter cue for those tight areas, you’ll undoubtedly be able to locate one on the internet.

However, it will likely not feel very nice, and the odds of making a solid shot with it are minimal. Some players in areas where this is a common issue have been known to reduce the size of a perfectly excellent cue.

If you play pool regularly and space is an issue, you might want to try a telescopic cue. These cues can be adjusted in seconds and not only solve the problem of limited spaces.

When you play with the cue in its short length, it keeps an excellent balance and is precisely the same weight no matter what size you choose to play with. They are also helpful in preventing overstretching.

Distance Between Pool Table and Ceiling

lights above pool table

When designing your pool room, it is also important that you also consider the clearance between the top of the pool table and the light fitting or ceiling.

The addition of purpose-made pool table lighting adds a great deal to the overall game experience.

The recommended distance between the pool table and the light fitting is 32=36″. The distance from the floor to the lighting should be 62-66″ to ensure that enough light is given off.

A Simple Guide To Pool Table Room Size

room size

The minimal space requirements for putting up a 7-ft, 8-ft, or 9-ft table in your home are provided below.

We assume that you’ll be playing with a standard-sized 57 or 58″ pool cue. The dimensions shown below are the minimal requirements for the industry.

3.5′ x 7′ Seven Foot Pool Table

  • (Area of play: 38 inches wide, 76 inches long)
  • 13 ft x 16ft is the very minimum of available space. you need.

4′ x 8′ Eight Foot Pool Table

  • (Area of play: 44 inches wide, 88 inches long)
  • 13ft x 6ft is the bare minimum of available space

9′ (Pro Style) Table: 4.5′ x 9′

  • (Area of play: 50 inches wide, 100 inches long)
  • 14ft x 18ft is the very minimum of available space.

Naturally, these measures will differ significantly for each individual based on posture, height, and overall comfort level.

You may try one method for determining the amount of space that will work for you is to create a mock-up of the area where you intend to place the table.

If for example, you’re planning a 4’x8′ pool table, you should measure and outline the space where the table will be located, then adopt your typical stance for playing pool over the area,.

You’ll rapidly determine whether or not there is adequate room for your suggested pool table.

When You Just Don’t Have Room For a Traditional Pool Table

bumper pool table

Bumper pool tables provide all of the thrill and competition of full-size pool tables in half the area!

Bump pool tables are available in a range of sizes and forms and can readily fit into any home.

Bumper pool tables are ideal for people who have always desired a gaming table at home but do not want to invest a full room for a conventional table.

Traditional pool tables are inconvenient not only because of the size of the table but also because of the size of the cues.

Tournament bumper pool tables not only have a footprint that is less than half the size of full-size pool tables, but the cues are smaller as well, so you don’t need as much space around them to play comfortably.

Even the tiniest pool tables are 6’x 3′ in size. When compared to a conventional bumper pool table, which measures only 4′ x 2 1/2′, it’s easy to see why bumper pool tables are often the gaming table of choice for modern households.

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