How To Disassemble A Pool Table

how to disassemble a pool table

There are a number of reasons why you might need to know how to disassemble pool table. Most commonly, you might need to move your pool table from one location to the other.

Pool tables are extremely heavy. And they are difficult to move from A to B. Unless you disassemble them. However, there are many weird and wonderful reasons why you might need to disassemble a pool table.

You could have lost a special ring inside the pool table. Or your pet hamster could have found its way in there.

We recommend leaving disassembling a pool table to the professionals. But if your budget is tight. You can do it yourself with some basic tools. The help of some friends and some patience.

This article will help you every step of the way.

If you are moving your pool table from one location to another. We have a more detailed article providing you all you need to know.

In short, how to disassemble a pool table involves the following steps:

removing the pockets
  • Removing The Pockets
  • Removing The Rails
  • Remove The Felt
  • Unscrew The Slate
  • Remove The Table Legs
  • Move to its new location or find what you were looking for
  • Finally, re-assemble

We have provided more information on each step below. And here is another reference

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Remove The Pockets

Your first step will be to remove the pockets. This is a relatively easy task. Where you remove the pockets from the table.

how to disassemble a pool table removing the rails

They are usually fixed in place with staples that you can remove with a staple remover or flathead screwdriver. Be sure that you remove the staples carefully to avoid damaging either yourself or the tablecloth.

It is usually easier to remove the pockets from underneath the table. Because of this. You may want to consider using protective goggles, to protect yourself from falling staples.

Remove The Rails

The side rails are attached by bolts, and a socket wrench will need to be used. Some rails will be attached in multiple parts. So you will need some help to avoid causing damage to them.

Remove the Felt

removing felt

If you are transporting your pool table from one location to another, you can skip this step. And unscrewing the slate.

While this makes the processes quicker. It risks damage being made to your pool table, cloth and slate during transportation.

If you are doing it yourself. We recommend that you remove the felt as the safest option. If you choose to remove the felt. Make sure it is stored safely and neatly for transportation.

Any creases, scruffs or dirt could impact the look or feel of the pool table. Another important thing to remember. Do not put too much weight or press down on the folds of the felt.

This will leave your felt with fold lines. Which will make it much harder to have a smooth playing surface.

If your felt is becoming old and worn. You could use this as an opportunity to refelt your pool table. And we have another article which provides you more information on this process.

Unscrew The Slate

unscrewing the slate

Most people do not know that pool tables have a slate board. Or other material, underneath the felt.

During transportation it is very important that you take good care of this. If you damage the slate you will be left with a poor playing surface.

The slate is very heavy. Most tables have three slate slabs, weighing around 250lbs each. Some have one slate weighing 800lbs!

Because of this make sure you get help from a friend or friends to lift it. Trying to lift this weight on your own could damage you and your pool table.

Carefully remove the screws which are located around the edge of the slate using a power drill. Patience is key here. A mistake here could cause significant damage to your slate.

Some screws will be covered with putty or beeswax. If this is the case, do not worry, carefully remove it from the top of the screw head with a screwdriver. Again be careful not to damage the slate.

Once you have removed the slate place it carefully on a blanket or other protective covering. If you are just learning how to disassemble a pool table as you go you want to protect every piece well.

removing legs

Disassemble The Pool Table Legs

Once you have removed the slate, your pool table should be a lot lighter. But, depending on the type and make of your pool table. The table legs and remaining frame can still be heavy.

The safest way to remove the table legs is to flip the pool table upside down, so the top of the frame (what was the playing surface), is now touching the floor.

As we have said before, the frame and legs can still be heavy. So you might need the help of some friends at this point.

It is best to put the pool table down on a protective surface. Then you will need to unscrew the pool table legs one by one.

You can unscrew the legs without flipping the table upside down. But you may damage the legs and frame because the pool table would become uneven.

Moving The Table & Reassembly

moving and reassemble

If you are disassembling a pool table to find some hidden treasures, then you will not need this step.

If you are looking to move your table from A to B. Or need to know how to reassemble a pool table. We have two great articles that cover these stages in more detail.

Coin Operated or Ball Return Pool Tables

If you have a coin operated or ball return pool table. Things get a little bit more complicated. This is because these tables have built in mechanics to operate and return balls for players.

If you have a coin-operated pool table it is recommended that you only remove the rails and legs from it. But it should be noted that this makes the table much heavier for transportation.

So make sure you have some friends on hand and suitable transportation.

Once you have completed all of these steps. Then it is time to enjoy your pool table again!

Many removal companies have experience of disassembling pool tables. You don’t necessarily have to get a specialist pool table removal company to do it.

But you will be sure that your pride and joy – your pool table – will be in safe hands.

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