Springdale Barrington Pool Table Review

The Springdale Barrington pool table is our #1 pick for style.This pool table has a very cool old school design that we really like. When looking for a pool table you need to take in account, budget, style, and space.  Space First you need to decide how much space you have available. Measure the room … Read more

Donovan II Mizerak Pool Table Review

The Donovan II Mizerak pool table is our #1 pick over all. This high quality pool table has a sleek style and is very sturdy.  Mizerak pool tables are known for being very high quality. With this pool table you are going to want to keep it indoors. Because the Donovan II Mizerak pool table … Read more

10 Of The best Pool Players of All Time

10 of the best pool players of all time

Pool is widely known as a sport of accuracy and consistency. The best pool players face the challenge to be precise and consistent in every game as well as keeping their cool even under pressure. Additionally, they need to devise strategies on the spot to defeat their opponent on the pool table. At present, pool … Read more

Pool Table Room Size

pool table room size

Pool Table Room Size A pool table can be a great addition to a home. Having your pool table opens up the opportunity for you and your friends to play whenever you want to, without going downtown to the pool hall. The convenience of having a pool table at home can change how you enjoy … Read more


the history of pool

Introduction To The History Of Pool: The history of pool (or billiards) started outdoors in the 1300s and became a popular indoor activity that people play in bars or in their own homes. Throughout the history of pool it has been played many different ways, one way to play is the white ball (known as … Read more


how to play pool for beginners

How to play pool for beginners is a guide to get you started playing pool. To start pool is a game that can be learned fairly quickly, but takes years to master. If you want to master pool you have to start with the basics. You have to learn the fundamentals and practice them regularly. … Read more